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Service and Repair

We service almost* all makes and models; from a flat tire fix, to a complete overhaul, you can trust High Gear to get the job done right!

* we cannot service any bicycle that is deemed unsafe, motorized, or otherwise inoperable due to parts availabilities (we do our very best but some times some parts are not available, but don't get us wrong when we say that, we horde parts like a pack rat) 


**With over 40 years in the bike shop buisness and over 100 years of combined experience, there is almost always someone knows what you need!

Here is a List of our Packaged Services, we do offer individual services for various component replacements, installations and maintenance but we can do so much its just not possible to list it all. Need a Quote? Give us a call.


Tune-Ups (with Bicycle Movie Themes)

IMG 0216.JPG 

The “American Flyers” Tune Up : $49

Not just your basic tune-up but one to High Gear Standards, This package includes shift and brake adjustments wheel truing, cable and chain lubrication, and all bearing adjustments.

The “Big Adventure” Tune Up : $79

Includes all of the American Flyer Features Plus chain removal, ultra-sonic cleaning, tires are removed for truing and the entire bike is detail cleaned and polished.

The “Breaking Away” Roadbike Tune Up:$139

All the the Big Adventure Plus Derailleurs, Chain rings, and cogs are removed and cleaned Ultrasonically, shift and brake cables replaced and bars re-taped, cables, housing and bar tape are additional.

The “Klunkerz” Mountain bike Tune Up : $129

Same as the “Breaking Away” Tune except there is no bar tape, brakes and cables replaced if applicable, hydraulic brake and shock service available at additional cost.